DC Universe Online: PvP Basics Part 2

Hey guys, it’s finally time for DCUO Basics part 2! Sorry it’s so late, but that game is extremely addicting and I’ve had quite a bit of school work to maintain. Now I’ve logged nearly 80 hours on the game and am proud to say I was one of the first level 30s on Public Enemies(PvP).

Now enough rambling, let’s jump straight into the content; since that’s the only reason you indulge my delusions in the first place.


Okay so today we’re kicking things off with stats, one of the most crucial blocks of info in every MMO. So basically, there are 9 stats in DCUO; said stats are gained through gear and skill points and provide you benefits in combat. I know I touched on stats a bit before, but now we’re really tearing into it.

Pretty self explanatory, health is your HP. It’s the bar in the upper left corner and it’s the only thing that keeps enemies from touching your no-noes when you get knocked out. Health regens while out of combat, and it is fairly easy to abuse this fact against in experienced players. (See: Rolling)

Power is the blue bar in the upper left corner and is what we RPG players have always known as MANA. Power is consumed upon casting spells from your loadout(action bar) and regenerates automatically out of combat. HOWEVER you also regenerate mana in combat by attacking enemies, the higher your hit counter the faster your mana regen.

Defense reduces the damage you take from NON-PLAYER ENEMIES ONLY. It is a purely PvE stat and you will be violated in the dark alleyways of Gotham if you try to stack it in PvP. It takes 71 Defense to gain 1% damage reduction.

Spell Power! Might increases the damage dealt by your spells. Stack ungodly amounts of this. Every class uses spells in PvP and damage is king. It adds roughly 1% per 3 points of might or something ridiculous like that. I’ll have to check my math on that one.

Restoration increases your healing power. It’s that simple. 1% Base Healing = 4 Restoration. If you’re a healer, get it, if you’re a tank fear it.

Vitality increases your power regeneration effects. It’s sort of like mp/5 but not nearly as good. 10 Vitalization grants you 1% mana regen, but is only really useful for controllers; since it helps them buff their teammates. Normally mana regeneration through stringing together long combos is sufficient.

Attack power? Not what you might expect from a stat named precision, but in DCUO you aren’t bound by the unholy laws of RNG. Your attacks never miss. Precision in this game plays the role of Attack Power or Attack Damage. It basically increases the DPS of your weapon attacks. 1 DPS = 10 Precision.

Dominance increases the damage dealt to enemies afflicted with a CC effect. 2 Dominance = 1 Damage. Controllers need to stack this hard.

We saved the best for last, it’s RESILIENCE! Toughness reduces the damage you take from player enemies and is the greatest thing since sliced bread (and also the best thing since Blizzard told Uwe Boll to go **** himself). Toughness reduces the damage you take by 1% per 71 points, and tastes like candied rainbow bacon, garnished with unicorn blood. Stack it higher then Madonna’s whore money.


Okay, last time I told you what each weapon specializes in; now I’m gonna tell you just what that means and how you can apply it in actual combat.

Break Free
Block Breakers
Hard Stun

Breaking Free:
Activated by pushing [Shift] (Block) repeatedly – Some CC’s are only broken by spamming Left Click.
Any effect that causes loss of control of your character can be broken by using your break free ability. Every character can break free and it is briefly talked about in the tutorial on Braniac’s ship, however they neglect to mention that SOME CC EFFECTS ONLY END BY CLICKING LEFT CLICK REPEATEDLY; THIS TYPE OF CC IS KNOWN AS A HARD STUN. This is one of the most important things to understand about DCUO. You are screwed if you don’t know this info. (See: Hard Stuns)

Activated by holding [Shift]
Short and sweet, while blocking you negate 90% of all incoming attacks; this includes while being attacked by multiple targets. Blocking is one of the most crucial yet dangerous aspects of combat. (See: Hard Stuns)

Activated by blocking and tapping a direction. [Shift] + W, A, S, D
Okay everyone listen close, to an inexperienced player rolling is your biggest weapon. While rolling you have a 99% chance for enemy attacks to miss you. If your enemy does not know how to counter this you can literally roll until your combat timer expires and you get your passive health regeneration. Most concepts like these are not explained in game and are left up to the players to discover, if rolling has been plaguing you in PvP; I’ll tell you how to counter it right here. (See: Interrupts)

Look for the [Interrupt] tag on your spells and abilities
Interrupts do exactly as their name implies; they interrupt. When an opponent is casting a channeled or charging spell take that opportunity to ruin his day by using your interrupt. The most popular form of interrupt is the Lunge, which is normally preformed by holding down your left mouse button. Now what is important to know about interrupts is that whenever you successfully interrupt your target will be afflicted with a HARD STUN. LISTEN UP: When an opponent is rolling, if you cast your Lunge/Interrupt they will be struck by it and HARD STUNNED.

Block Breakers:
Look for the [Block Breaker] tag on your spells and abilities
Casting a block breaker on someone who is blocking will cause a hard stun. Most Block Breakers are channeled so they are vulnerable to interrupts, but if you can pull one off believe me you will reap the rewards. The most popular block breaker is preformed by holding down the right mouse button.

Hard Stuns:
Okay listen up, because this **** is serious business…

Because of the power of rolling and blocking, the developers really had to add something in to raise the skill cap of the game; the mechanic that does this is the hard stun. The hard stun rewards good gameplay, and brutally punishes screw ups; it is a mechanic that PvPers must know and learn very well.

1. Breaking Free does NOT break Hard Stuns
2. When you are hard stunned your character will flash red
3. You can reduce the duration of a hard stun by spamming left click
4. A hard stun can mean the difference between life and death

Above are the basic facts about hard stuns, pretty sexy right? Now let me tell you how to do them.

1. Casting a Block Breaker on someone who is Blocking
2. Casting in interrupt on someone who is Rolling
3. Casting an interrupt on someone who is channeling a spell
4. Blocking an interrupt causes the attacker to be hard stunned
5. Blocking a combo attack causes the attacker to be hard stunned

Having known these facts from day 1 have provided me a massive advantage while leveling, as a lowly level 10 I’ve defeated level 20+ players simply because they do not understand these rock, paper, scissor aspects of combat. I sincerely hope these mechanics help you on your quest to becoming the next legend. Please be smart and combine the information from the first guide to maximize your efficiency. By knowing the weapon specialties from the first guide it is easy to assume what a player will do when you bait him, and if you know that you can be waiting for his attack with a devastating hard stun.

In DCUO it is important to remember that skill and knowledge can easily overcome level and gear difference. If a player does not understand the basic mechanics of the game you will beat him; no matter how many levels he has on you.

If you’re interested in picking up DC Universe Online (PC) or need a gametime code; please check out my buddies over at www.ShatteredCrystal.com they’ve got a great business over there run by MMO Legend Markee Dragon and are the only place that still sells the League of Legends Digital Collectors Pack that contains Silver Kayle.

Anyway – DCUO Part 3 is coming next week.

Good luck everyone! See you in the arena.

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2 Responses to DC Universe Online: PvP Basics Part 2

  1. Will says:

    Just came across your sight, been playing DCUO since it went free. I must say, Your tips on PVP really helped me man handle some higher level toons! Thanks so much! So when are you going to do part 3?

    • Rosuto says:

      I just recently started playing again after the free to play change. I’ll redo a part 3 as soon as I can. A lot of the content on this blog got erased when I stopped paying for hosting.

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