DC Universe Online: PvP Basics Part 1

I’ve been playing a lot of DCUO; and I’ve logged a little over 24 hours so far; and I want to enlighten everyone on a few critical aspects of gameplay that some people may not be aware of. 404-lost is a site that is focused primarily on the PvP community and is dedicated to putting out detailed information about PvP content in various games, so here’s some important info on DC Universe Online.

First off DCUO is a very unique MMO, and in my opinion uses a combat system that is extremely skill reliant, and due to the vast amount of customization; the game has a very high knowledge cap. It is absolutely crucial to understand the abilities and talents of other powers and weapons; however it is much more important to understand the basics.

First of all it’s important to understand that DCUO is an action game, as such your reaction speed and timing is very important, this is the main factor that separates DCUO from other MMOs, another thing that is interesting about the action based combat system is that DCUO only allows you to have 6 spells on your action bar at a time. You’re standard action bar which is known as your “Load out” contains 8 shortcuts: 1 – 6 Spells, 7 Consumable item, 8 Trinket. Because of this system it is important to plan your character around what you want to achieve; luckily most of the spells have amazing synergy with each other.

First off I want to talk about your role, which is basically your job.
There are a total of four roles in DCUO:

Damage (Everyone)
Tank (Fire & Ice)
Healer (Nature & Sorcery)
Controller (Mental & Gadget)

The roles are the standard RPG mechanics: Striker, Defender, Leader, and Controller. First of all the damage roles is the standard role that everyone has access to, every power in the game can do DPS, however each power has access to one additional role as listed above. Why does this matter in PvP? Well friend, each role has perks which are active at all times; yes, even during PvP.

    Tank Role (Ice & Fire)

Strong against: Controllers (Mental and Gadget)
Weak against: Healers (Nature and Sorcery)
Immune to most forms of CC and resistant to Mental and Gadget debuffs
Abilities that provide allies with immunity to CC
Attacking controller roles increases attack damage by 55%
60% increased health
Increases healing taken by 80%
Increased stealth detection (+3 Perception)
(PvE)Increased threat generation
Overall damage reduced by 20%

    Controller Role (Mental and Gadget)

Strong against: Healers (Nature and Sorcery)
Weak against: Tanks (Ice and Fire)
Attacking healers afflicts them with a Mortal Strike debuff
Attacking healer roles increases attack damage by 35%
Your healing and absorption effects are increased by 100%
Overall damage reduced by 35%

    Healer Role (Nature and Sorcery)

Strong against: Tanks (Ice and Fire)
Weak against: Controllers (Mental and Gadget)
When attacking tanks your abilities ignore armor and mitigation effects
Attacking tank roles increases attack damage by 70%
Increases the duration of your CC effects
+350 Vitalization (Mana regen)
Dominance stat increased by 65% (Dominance increases damage done to CC’d targets)

    Damage Role (Everyone)

Strong against: None
Weak against: None

Roles are unlocked at level 10 and can be accessed by pressing ‘T’
Roles CANNOT be changed during combat

Next up is powers, basically there are 6 different types of power that you have access to in DCUO. Fire, Ice, Nature, Sorcery, Gadgets, and Mental. Each power has two specs and a variety of unique spells which all bring different elements to PvP.

Fire: High damage, Health, and CC resistance.
Ice: High damage mitigation, CC resistance, and great defensive cooldowns.
Nature: Good healing, damage, and shape-shifting is amazing.
Sorcery: Great healing, some CC, and the ability to summon demons.
Mental: Good damage and CC, along with good defensive cooldowns
Gadget: The most CC of any power combined with the ability to stealth.


There are currently 10 weapon types in DCUO, each has it’s own skill tree and has nearly endless customization options. Each weapon specializes in a certain mechanic; you can find the chart below:

Martial Arts(melee): Average DPS / Average Burst Damage – (Specialty: Interrupts)
One Handed(melee): High DPS / Low Burst Damage – (Specialty: Interrupts)
Two Handed(melee): Very Low DPS / Very High Burst Damage – (Specialty: Interrupts)
Brawling(melee): Low DPS / High Burst Damage – (Specialty: Interrupts)
Staff(melee): High DPS / Low Burst Damage – (Specialty: Mixed)
Dual Wield(melee): High DPS / Low Burst Damage – (Specialty: Interrupts)
Dual Pistols(range): Very High DPS / Very Low Burst Damage – (Specialty: Mixed)
Bow(range): Low DPS / High Burst Damage – (Specialty: Mixed)
Rifle(range): Average DPS / Average Burst Damage – (Specialty: Block Breaking)
Hand Blast(melee/range): High DPS / Low Burst Damage – (Specialty: Block Breaking)

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